Website Care Plan

We take care of your website, so you can focus on your business.

Websites need love too. Yours is no exception!

Having a fantastic website created by Studio17 will set you up with the web presence your business needs.  With a Studio17 Website Care Plan, we will look after the Security and performance of your site together with 24/7 monitoring and 4 x daily backups.

Let us take care of your website so you can focus on your business.

With a Studio17 Care plan, you know...

We’ve got your back.

Maintaining your website to keep it safe and secure is essential to the reliability of your site. Without a plan in place, your site is at risk from hackers, disgruntled employees, security loopholes, bugs, server crashes and other threats.  With our care plan, you will have full confidence that it’s online and operating as it should without interruption.

We will patch, update and secure.

Having a website designed is just the start on your online presence.  A website needs to be maintained, patched, updated and secured.  With a Studio17 care package, we will look after all aspects of your website security, file updates and patching.  We will also allocate time to update anything you want on the website, such as a change of address, or phone number, adding a new staff member, etc.  We provide up to 1 hour per month to carry out any changes.  Outside this time, we can provide a quotation for any additional work.

We will backup all your files and emails.

Our website care Plan includes a full backup of all your files, databases, and emails.  We will take 4 backups a day (every 6 hours), and keep them for 7 days.  If there are ever any issues we can restore the account back to exactly where it was at the restore point.  We may charge a small fee for the time needed to restore data where the cause is outside our control.

We’ll get you back online

Every hour your site is offline, you are losing visitors, conversions and this can also affect your search engine ranking. Disaster recovery will get you back online fast.  Disaster recovery includes restoring your website from a backup and running security scans to check for further issues.

How much does it cost?

Care Plan


What’s Included:
  • Core WordPress Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Website Updates 
  • Security Updates
  • 4 x Daily Backups

€30 p/month

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Any questions?

Do I need a Website Care Plan?

If your website is built on the WordPress platform (as all our sites are), then the answer is yes.

All websites require some routine maintenance. Just like cars, you must change the oil, rotate the tyres, and put in the required maintenance if you want to reliably get from point A to B. That’s exactly what our care plans provide.

Our Website Care Plan includes:

  • Weekly plugin updates
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Security scans
  • Performance scans
  • Daily backups
  • Minor changes and updates (up to 1 hour per month)

What are typical issues the care plan covers

Typical examples of issues we resolve with the website care plan:

  • Rollback website to the previous version.
  • Bring website back online after an outage.
  • Security issues detected.
  • Performance issues
  • Plugin license expiration
  • Plugin conflicts
  • SSL issue detected
  • Google Analytics added to your website
  • Website email deliverability

Can I buy the Care Plan for a site developed elsewhere?

Sorry, but we only provide the Website Care Plan for site we have developed for our customers, and hosted on our own servers.

How much does a website care plan cost?

Our Website Care Plan costs €29.99 per month. This represents fantastic value for money considering the tasks we carry out each month.

Where is your customer care team located

Our team is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

We do not outsource any part of our service, and you will be dealing with full-time staff working for Studio17.

Email us at or call 01 901 9705 for support.

I updated my site myself and now there are just errors. What should I do?

If your website is broken, simply open a support ticket and we will investigate to determine the cause.

Conflicts between your website’s theme, plugins, and WordPress itself are not uncommon.

These conflicts can take down your website and require a restoration of your website or update of a plugin.

Note: Clients on our Website Care Plan should not attempt to update plugins themselves. Leave that to us.

Is there any contract for the care plan?

We require a minimum 3-month commitment for our care plan.

After that, you can cancel at any stage before the end of your billing cycle.

How long does it take to get my Care Plan set up?

If you did not take out a care plan when we developed your website, we will review the current setup and get you onboard within 2-3 working days.  We need to check the site does not have any issues prior to us taking over management.  If there are any issues, these will need to be resolved prior to us accepting the site under our care plan.

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